How to Find Your Way to Uyo

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How to Find Your Way to Uyo

April 26, 2018 Supplementary Information 0

Finding your way to Uyo is easy

Traveling from Outside Nigeria?

Your flight will most likely take you to Lagos or Abuja. Uyo is one hour by air from either cities. From Lagos and Abuja, you can fly into Uyo with Dana Air, the flight fare ranges between 70 – 100$ and could be less sometimes. From Lagos, you also have the option of using Air Peace or Arik Air although not all of them have daily flights.

If there is no flight to Uyo that fits your schedule on arrival, you could choose to fly into nearby cities of Calabar or Port Harcourt, or you can spend an extra night in Lagos to fly into Uyo to following day. In Lagos, if you need help booking an hotel or moving between the International and Local airports, please reach our pastor Ade in Lagos on +2348030433096

There are also buses coming to Uyo from both Lagos and Abuja which cost between 16 – 25$.

Traveling From Other Cities in Nigeria?

There are direct buses to Uyo from most major cities in Nigeria. From the North, there is a direct bus from Yola, Kaduna, Abuja and Jos. Also from Lagos, Ibadan and most cities in the East.

Once in Uyo, pick any form of public transportation to Insight Bible Church, along Nsikak Eduok Avenue (popularly called “Two Lane”)

For Airport Pickups in Uyo, please reach Mr Charles with your travel itinerary at least 24 hours before arrival on: +2348023547392

Should you have any other inquiries, please call our office on +234 85293268 (085293268)

We are excited to host you in Uyo and we look forward to receiving you.

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